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Beauty Service Provider

You may want to book the Beauty service often to look good and, most importantly, feel good. 

Our BEAUTAP app allows you to book beauty service providers in minutes. No hustle, no bustle. It is just a few clicks away.  

No lines, no voicemails, no waste of time.  

Open the Beautap app, choose services and professional beauticians, and enjoy it.

Book your Master now

Download the BEAUTAP application now

There are two applications. 
 BEAUTAP application is for customers who are looking to receive the best-in-class beauty services. You can find a beautician, choose services, make an appointment, pay, contact the beauty service provider. 
 BEAUTAP MASTER app allows beauty service providers to offer services, manage prices, appointments, communicate with customers and manage customer relationships.

How It Works

  • Sign in OR Sign on Login to the BEAUTAP application using your social media credentials, name, mobile number or email address
  • Choose a Service There are hundreds of services available. Choose one you are interested in. Make an appointment
  • Track Progress Go to a beautician location or wait for a beautician professional to arrive at your location. Receive the service, make a payment. Use the application should you need to reach out to the beautician Master via phone or messaging
  • Once Complete Leave feedback, keep bookmarks of the beautician for the next appointment. Is it that simple?

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